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Q & A

Why need APA?
Familiar with Operators and Charter Market
APA has good relationship with different Charter Operators and well know the charter information includes the number of jets, type of jets, price policy and company background of each operator.

Saving Time
APA help client to search suitable jet among different Charter Operators in order to save client's searching time.

Saving Cost
Different types of jets, different base, and different price policy will cause a big difference of total charter price for the same trip from different Charter Operators. APA would help to find the most suitable jet and the most competitive price for the clients.
Why need charter services?
High Privacy
The clients could enjoy VIP room in airport and private space on board. They even could have important meeting on board.

High Flexibility
Client could design the flight plan according to his own schedule. The departure time could be changed in case of the clients delayed by traffic congestion or some sudden events.

High Efficient
Charter Flight is able to fly anywhere and anytime. No time and boundary restriction.

Build Up Company Image
Invite the important clients by using charter flight would help to build up company image.
How to choose a suitable jet?
Different jets have different cabin size, different cabin design, different cruising ability and different charter price, so will choose a suitable jet according to following points:

Cabin Size
Cabin size of private jet is normally from 6-30 persons.

Cruising Ability
The flight hours is always from 3-14 hours.

Aircraft Base
Always to charter a jet from a local operator with local base is cost-saving.

Nature of Airports
Some of the Military or Civil and Military Airports allow the local register private jet to land only. Plateau Airport and the length of runway also limited some kind of jet to land.
What cost includes in charter fee?
Generally Include
Task flight fee, position fee, airport fee, landing fee, crew overnight accommodation fee, fuel surcharge fee, standard catering and beverage.

NOT Include
Satellite phone fee, special catering or beverage, ground transportation, de-icing fee or other special enquiries from clients.
How many days to apply landing permit?
Depends on the different types of airports and different countries:

China Register jets
- within China Civil Airports, takes about 24-48 hours only
- Civil and Military Airports, takes about 3-7 working days
- Japan, Korea, India and Indonesia, takes about 5-7 working days
- Other Asia Countries, takes about 2-3 working days
- USA or Europe countries, takes about 3-7 working days
-Russia: takes about 7-14 working days

Foreign Register Jets
within China Airports, it takes longer time to apply landing permit than China Register Jets and need local sponsor letters but takes shorter time in their home airports.
How early to arrive airport?
Generally, only arrive airport 10-20mins earlier for domestic flight and 30-40mins earlier for international flight.
Will all the airports provide VIP room services?
If the airport has VIP room services, will use VIP room. If there is no any VIP room service, the ground handler will help to do Customs Clearance through VIP lounge.
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